Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lil' Kim stole John Oates mustache?

If you grew up through the 80s you should know who Daryl Hall and John Oates are.

Last night, the 80s pop duo performed their hit "Maneater" on Dancing with Stars as the professional dancers hit the ballroom floor. It was great.

But whenever I think of Hall & Oates I always see John Oates' signature thick mustache. I kinda missed that last night and I started to wonder what could have happened to the 'stache.

Earlier in the day, my mom pointed out a funny moment on The View.

The ladies of the popular daytime TV show were sitting around talking about Monday night's Dancing with the Stars and co-host Joy Behar started to discuss the spicy contestant, Lil' Kim -- who I must say has been doing a great job on the show.

They run a clip of Kim's samba performance on Monday and paused it as the Queen Bee threw her arm up in the air revealing a dark patch of hair she apparently missed during the pre-game preparation. C'mon Kimmie, you are a performer you should know better than that!!

It was later when I had my "A-ha!" moment and discovered that John Oates mustache somehow ended up under Lil' Kim's arm!!!

They must have got "hardcore" in the hotel room prior to the show. That's my conclusion.

But all jokes aside, Kim let's not have that happen again, k?