Monday, March 9, 2009

Lil' Kim on Dancing With the Stars: "Nasty, but tasty"

Lil' Kim kicked off Dancing With the Stars tonight in a "nasty, but tasty" performance that seemed to please the judges.

She was a little stiff and didn't have any real noticable missteps. Overall, it was a pretty boring dance to start the new season.

She danced to Janet Jackson's "Nasty Boy." [you know the song, from the Control album] You would think dancing to a song like that she would get down right nasty. However, surprisingly she kept it tasteful and pretty classy.

Her attire was also tasteful. Lil' Kim is known to be raunchy with her words and her style of dress. Tonight, she looked amazing. She sported a silver shimmering special [say that five times fast] that revealed some of her figure, but both of her breasts were covered. [You remember her past outfits]

I've seen Kim in person within the last year and her face looked hideous.
Photos: taken by M. Feenz last year at Spotlight in NYC

But someone did a good job of making 4-foot-11-inch frame look great tonight. Much to my surprise she really looked good and did a decent job.

She finished with a score of 21 from the three judges, each gave her performance a 7 out of 10. A good start. I'm sure she'll be back. But people have to vote for her.

One of the judges called her performance, "Nasty, but tasty." A good description of what it was. She was also told to work on her posture, but for the most part the feedback from the judges was rather kind.

She apparently also dedicated the performance to her girls at the Federal Detention Center. Smh. You know she was locked up for a year for being convicted of perjury.

She should have dedicated her dance to the Notorious B.I.G. Coincidentally, today, March 9, marks 12 years since he was shot and killed.


Also, former New York Giant Lawrence Taylor performed in tonight's premiere as well. His performance was less than stunning.

He has some big shoes to fill because all of the past NFL players who have been on the show have done very well.

LT was stiff and danced like someones old uncle at a wedding. It felt like I was watching Lurch from the Adam's Family. It was awful and definitely hard to watch. I'm not sure how much I can take of this. He better straighten up or he'll be gone in just a few weeks. If he can make it that long.

My prediction is Lil' Kim will last longer than LT. But I guess that's not really saying tooo much.

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