Wednesday, April 1, 2009

King magazine is a wrap: No April Fool's Joke

We might want this to be an April Fool's Day joke, but it's not.

KING Magazine is rumored to be a wrap!!

Yeah, the self-proclaimed "Illest Men's Magazine Ever" is folding. Although there has been no official word from the magazine the streets are talking. And so is Twitter!

Joe Budden's girl, Tahiry [you know her if you've watched JoeBuddenTV], is slated to grace the cover of an upcoming KING Magazine. I'm sure her much talked about and heavily photographed/videotaped gluteus maximus will be on full blast in true KING fashion.

"I'm happy 4 Tahiry, and appreciative to king 4 giving her this platform, they're like me at def jam... goin out on top.. i know, i'm corny," the Jersey rapper said on his Twitter last night.

Joey's girl:

Certainly sounds like Budden knows about KING Magazine closing its doors. Or perhaps he just heard the same rumor as everyone else.

KING Magazine is owned by Harris Publications. Some ladies who have appeared on the cover include Trina, Toccara and Christina Milian, who was on the front of the 50th issue in February.
Wow. Over 50 issues. That's a lot of.......well, you know say goodbye to. There have definitely been a fair share of beautiful ladies to show their "assets" on the pages of KING. It will be a sad day when the last issue is published.

Back to JET Beauty of the Week, I guess.

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Ed The Sports Fan said...

Really hope this is an April Fools joke...