Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can you blame EVERYTHING on the alcohol?

Photo: "Darling Nikki" in a very un-club-like position. (M. Feenz)

If you have to blame your actions on "the alcohol" then you really shouldn't be drinking to begin with. That's how I feel.

Last night, I went to a club in New York City -- Touch [located on 52nd Street] -- and it was packed with, well, drunk people!!

There were scattered fights. Lots of alcohol being spilled all over the place. Girls stumbing around in high heels. Guys throwing weak punches and elbows. All because they had "one too many drinks." At least that's what they would probably tell you if you asked them.

And then there was "Darling Nikki" -- yeah, that's what I'll call her. [You know that Prince song from Purple Rain.]

Well, "Darling Nikki" was on the second floor of the club stumbling around. She was clearly drunk, among other things.

I spotted her from across the room and immediately knew she was heading for self-destruction. She began pressing herself against the glass that looks down on to the main level of the club. She was grinding on the glass until a guy came up behind her and started to dance with her. She was fondling her and so on. He even pulled her breasts out at one point. Almost like what Justin Timberlake did to Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl halftime show. Remember that!?

After being groped she decided to get even, I guess. She squatted down in front of him and began reaching for the zipper of his pants. She appeared to be attmepting to pull out his "manhood."
He seemed to have no objections until finally he and another man pulled the sloppy and staggering woman up from the gound.

I couldn't believe what we had just witnessed. Who knows where she ended up that night. Or what she did after she was pulled up from the ground. I didn't see "Darling Nikki" for the rest of night.

I'm sure if she remembered any of what happened she would probably do one thing -- blame it on the alcohol.

But ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to drink be responsible. And stop using alcohol as an excuse for your actions.
What do you think...Can you blame EVERYTHING on the alcohol?? Some things? Or nothing at all?


Latiya A said...

I thought blaming things on the alcohol stopped the night you turned 22? lol!

Sweet.Simple.Sophisticated. said...

Actually I think you have until 25.... as long as it's not a weekly thing. Darling Nikki got snacthed up by her friends and was hopefully told the hell off and recorded. Ever see yourself drunk? Talk about a moment of sobriety.