Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bristol Palin: America's Latest Baby Mama!

It was during the heated presidential campaign when we found out the daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was pregnant.

Yup, Bristol was having a baby / But Bristol's barely got a brain / A damn shame / The girl can hardly spell her name. [oh wait, sorry for the flashback to 2Pac's "Brenda's Got a Baby. LOL]

Well, since the news of Bristol Palin's unwed pregnancy the message was clear: Bristol is having the baby and she will marry her high school boyfriend (aka the baby daddy), Levi Johnston. She said it. Her mom said it. And he said it as well.

But we knew that wasn't REALLY going to happen. After all, we are talking about two teenagers who hadn't even finished high school. has reported the two high school sweethearts have broken up just two months after their son, Tripp, was born. Damn Shame.

Let's all take a moment to welcome Bristol Palin to the BABY MAMA club. I wish her and Tripp all the best. Seriously, I do. She'll do just fine. But we knew they were not going to get married.

Check out these two songs dedicated to Bristol:

"Baby Mama" by Fantasia

"My Baby Daddy" by B-Rock and the Bizz


n.harlem said...

LMAO. Not 2Pac'in on em.

Who knew the definition of "baby daddy" would reach all the way to good ol' dog-sledding, moose-slaying Alaska. I mean, Alaska's almost RUSSIA!

They could have at least married and then got it annulled. I mean, even Solange made it down the aisle.

A shame to the Palin lineage.*

*sarcastic laugh here

M Feenz said...

LOL @ the Solange reference. I forgot about that. Her situation was pretty close to this one, except Tina Knowles was not running for V.P. (although she very well could have been a candidate. lol)

Sweet.Simple.Sophisticated. said...

Not the B Rock. I'm rollin!