Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Recap: If anyone cares...I'm starting not to!

I usually ride out with American Idol because of their talented contestants and the stories that each one brings to the show. But I'm not too sure about this 8th season. Although this season has potential to be interesting now that they have implemented a *NEW* "save me" rule to the elimination process that could help a deserving talent to win.

It's clear the producers of the show don't select these people JUST for their talent. They select them based on who will appeal to the TV audience. It's fair. I don't have a problem with that.

This season there was a top 13 -- let's note that this is supposed to be the best of the best from their multi-city search that saw thousands audition.

Out of the bunch there were some good "stories." The guy who is legally blind. The guy who lost his wife weeks before he auditioned. The cute girl from a small town in Mississippi. The married mother of three whose home was destroyed by a tornado. And the bilingual crooner from Puerto Rico that Paula Abdul can't get enough of.

Well, tonight two out of the 13 were sent packing.

The girl from Mississippi -- Jasmine Murray -- who was selected in the wildcard round. And Jorge Nunez whose journey to Idol started in Puerto Rico. Did I expect either one of them to win? Absolutely not. But I didn't expect them to go on the first night! I thought Megan Joy Corkrey, who butchered Jackson 5's "Rockin Robin," was going home for sure. I also thought the very likable Anoop Desai, who sang Michael Jackson's "Beat It," should have been given the boot.

Jasmine MurrayJorge Nunez

But in a weird spin for the new season, the four Idol judges can now select to keep someone who has been voted off.

HOWEVER, there is a catch -- they can only use their right to "save someone" once throughout the entire season.

I think it's fair that they didn't use their one save on Jasmine or Jorge.

Save it for when someone really good is about to get sent home.

My favorite that I hope they would save if on the cutting block: the best singer of the bunch, the soulful Lil Rounds. I suspect they would also use the save to keep front-runners like Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey. All three are very talented and probably could have great careers post Idol.

I think the Idol judges have realized -- thanks to people like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry -- that sometimes "America" gets it wrong when they vote off really talented people.

While I'm sure Simon Cowell is pleased to see J-Hud and Daughtry doing so well, he's probably wishing their success could be putting money in his pocket.

Hopefully this new rule helps a REAL talent to win this season.

We can't have any more Idol winners like Taylor Hicks (season 5) and last year's winner, David Cook. Both haven't made much of a splash since winning the show. Not surprised either. They shouldn't have won.

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