Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What do you mean Ryan Leslie's CD is SOLD OUT?

I guess shocked would be the word to describe my feeling when I went to two stores in Bergen County, N.J. and found out Ryan Leslie's debut album was sold out.

I couldn't believe it. No offense to R-Les, but I didn't expect that many people to be checking for the self-titled album, released on Tuesday.

The first place I went was Target in Hackensack, N.J. I figured it would be $9.99 like most of their CDs. I looked in the new releases section and I saw everything from India.Arie to Bobby Valentino. There seemed to be no shortage on either of those CDs, which were also released on Tuesday.

Okay, maybe I was looking the wrong place? I looked around and stared at the display for more than 10 minutes expecting the Ryan Leslie CD to just jump out at me. And of course, there were no sales associates around.

I eventually spotted a store employee and asked if they had the Ryan Leslie CD. She looked puzzled and checked around. She asked another worker and he told her it was sold out!! Damn, really? It was only about 3 p.m.

Maybe Target didn't get enough. I figured I would go to Best Buy in Paramus, N.J. at the Garden State Plaza.

When I arrived and looked around for the CD, it felt like deja vu. No shortage of India.Arie and Bobby Valentino CDs, but still no Ryan Leslie.

I ran into another woman who appeared to be searching for a lost child at the mall. I saw her ask a sales associate for help. After her brief conversation, I asked if she was looking for a CD. She said she was looking for that Ryan Leslie. It would turn out that the CD was sold out there as well.
Believe it or not, it was sold out at all the Best Buy stores in North Jersey area. The associate told me I'd have to go to New York to find a store that had it. Wow. For real? For Ryan Leslie?

The woman told me she was going to check Wal-Mart. I decided I was going to try one last spot -- the F.Y.E. store in the Paramus Park Mall.

On my way there I decided to listen to the radio. I turned on Wendy Williams and who was her guest? Ryan Leslie! Oh already know where this is headed.

I missed most of the interview, but apparently she was making him feel uncomfortable.

Listeners were texting and calling into the show saying Ryan Leslie is a robot and they asked who took his personality!?! One person said he looked like an anorexic Al B. Sure!! [pictured below] LMAO!

Wendy agreed with the listener who called him a robot, citing his "intellect." Leslie is a Harvard graduate. Ryan wasn't too pleased with the unflattering comment.

He didn't seemed too pleased with anything that was being said about him and answered all questions like a robot. Short and to the point with no sense of personality. I think he just wanted to leave without letting Wendy have it.

Wendy proceeded to dig the knife deeper and deliver the knock out blow with her signature "How YOOUUU doing!?" I guess she was getting "that vibe" from R-Les. She concluded telling him to sashay out of the room in his "too tight" clothes. Ohhh mann....Why Wendy, why? LOL.

Anyway, I finally arrived at the mall. I went into the F.Y.E. store and looked around. I was already thinking this was a waste of time. New releases you shouldn't have to look for. They are usually right there as soon as you walk into the store, right?

After searching through the store I came up empty. I was going to just leave, but I decided to ask someone who worked there. She said, "Ummmmm....I think we have ONE left."

She goes to the area where the CDs are sorted by artists and behind the Avril Lavigne CDs was the Ryan Leslie CD that I had been searching for.

I wondered how many of the Ryan Leslie CDs the store had received. So I asked.

"I think we only got 5," she said. She wasn't joking either.

"We need to order some more," she said.

Well, that was apparent.

My conclusion after all of this is that whoever is doing his distribution really f'ed up his sales. It seems as though his album was poorly distributed to stores. I know people in cities like Detroit and New York who experienced similar experiences.

Message to folks in charge of the distribution: STEP YOUR GAME UP and GET THOSE ALBUMS OUT THERE!! We may be in a recession, but apparently people are still trying to buy good music.

Album review to come soon....

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Martin Wood a.k.a. TY said...

word... i think i got the last one over here at rasputins in cali.. its crazy. r-les got a good fanbase... lil wayne sold 1.5 and i be r-les could have went gold if the supply was there. good to see the units selling

check out the review i wrote in my school newspaper