Friday, February 20, 2009

Road to Mardi Gras: 'Thank God for weave' [live from ATL shawty!]

1 p.m.

I've arrived in Atlanta, where I will wait for three hours until my flight leaves for New Orleans (which can be pronounced in sooooo many different ways...I can't wait to hear people say it! lol).

I slept on the entire flight from New York to Atlanta. It was some of the best sleep I ever had on a plane. I was seated all the way in the back, near the bathroom. I had an aisle seat and both seats next to me were unoccupied!! So I didn't have to worry about the "evil lean."

You know the "evil lean," where you started falling asleep and then your body starts to lean in a specific direction. lol.

Anyway, I'm here in ATL shawty. This the last time I was in this airport was 2004 when me and a bunch of friends got stuck here leaving from the National Association of Black Journalists convention. It was crazy, but had fun. My best memory was taking pictures as we told people to stop in smoking in the designated smoking area of the airport.

And for before I go, it wasn't long before I started walking through the airport when I heard my favorite news story of the day: "Thank God for weave," I heard blaring from the television stations, which were broadcasting CNN [the airport version].

I could just see people, specifically black women, looking around and laughing. They had the whole, did I just hear that expression. I gotta take a minute and look up that article/video and post it on my blog.

ATL is probably one of the weave capitals of the country so I'm sure people here can appreciate that story.

So if you have learned nothing from this blog, I guess the message would be: When in need of some good safety traveling these rough streets, the solution would be -- get yo'self a GOOD WEAVE!! [Now which kind, I couldn't tell you...I think she had a sew-in. lol]

And I'm out...

See ya in Naw'lens (I think that's how you say it!).

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Vdizzle said...

Can I just say I HATE flying through Atlanta. I have never had a flight leave on time from there.

Now, that place is definitely a weave capital. NOLA is too. Lol