Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardi Gras: Day Two -- Endymion Parade

Yesterday, I was officially broken into Mardi Gras.

I saw my first REAL Mardi Gras. I grabbed a rack of beads that was being tossed from the decorative floats. The floats all had various themes -- the Wizard of Oz and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Other notable moments from Day two included the street dance performers. The guys who were breakdancing were great. And I can't forget the youngsters who were "tapdancing" for money. I admit I got hustled out of a couple dollars by these kids. They appeared to be tapdancing, but they were actually using crushed soda cans attached to the bottom of their sneakers. Only in New Orleans!

I also enjoyed some delicious New Orleans food -- I started out with a Shrimp Po'Boy.
Basically a fried shrimp sandwich. It was off the hook. It came with some potato salad, also great!! We at while a live jazz band played various hits -- including "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye.

We also attempted to get a New Orleans specialty --- beignets. It's a puffy square French doughnut covered in powdered sugar. It looks like something you would see at a carnival or fair. Unfortunately, the line and the wait was too long and we wanted to get to the Endymion parade. So we left. But I will have some beignets before I return.
I also found out what all the fuss was about behind the "Hurricane" and "Hand Grenade" beverages. Pretty good! :-)


Ms. Shay said...

The beignets are definitely wassup but the line is ALWAYS long! Stop by Aunt Sally's Praline shop in the French Quarter and try the triple chocolate praline! If you're taking a breather there's this Black Owned Art Gallery in the French Quarters too! Beautiful work! Have fun!

Sweetlocs said...

next year i think i will be there feeney......:-)