Monday, February 23, 2009

Mardi Gras: Day Three -- Bacchus Parade

Another day. Another parade.

This time we checked out the Bacchus parade. It was filled with great floats and of course -- plenty of beads. Some of my favorite floats were King Kong, Queen Kong and Baby Kong.

We found our way to the Bacchus parade after a quick stroll down Bourbon Street. We watched the parade from our spot on St. Charles Avenue. I believe we were standing on a light pole base or something while everyone else was using ladders to gain an unfair advantage on parade-goers.

I learned the hard way that people will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to bring home the beads. I thought standing next to a nearly 80-year-old lady would work to my advantage when trying to grab beads.

However, this little old lady was tough!! A group of beads were thrown from one of the floats and this little old lady gave me the nastiest look after snagging the beads. "They're mine!" she yelled. I had grabbed the beads and so did this washed up Golden Girl reject. She proceeded to use two hands to rip the beads away from me!?!?

Did I just get beasted by this little old lady? I was hoping she was just joking, but she was dead serious!! She told me that she'd been "doing this" [going to Mardi Gras and grabbing beads] since she was 7-years-old. Okay...and? I told her this was my first time and she didn't seem to care.

She claimed that she was grabbing beads to take to "retarded kids" [note: I don't like that term] so they could sell the beads as a fundraiser. Hmmmm...I had no reason to believe that she wasn't telling the truth but some people will do anything for some beads! Really, they will!

In a related incident, another woman on Bourbon Street nearly ripped my arm off for some beads that were thrown from a balcony. The sad part is that I was actually ready to give her the beads until she started screaming at me and trying to dig her nails into my arm.

Was it really that serious? All that over some beads?? I had been giving girls my beads since I got down here. But this lady was out of line. I don't care if she was drunk!!!

Overall, despite a couple of drunk out of control bead-hungry women, the parade was a great experience....I should be well-prepared by the time the next parade rolls through.

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