Monday, February 9, 2009

Lil' Kim and L.T. join 'Dancing With the Stars'

Photo: Taken in June 2008 in NYC by M. Feenz

I wasn't a fan of "Dancing With the Stars" when it first started, but secretly I've gradually grown to watch the show and actually enjoy it.

This upcoming 8th season should especially interesting now that we know rapper Lil' Kim and former New York Giant Lawrence Taylor are among the lucky 13 selected for the show.

I personally can't wait to see Kim, who is barely 5-feet, attempting to Fox Trot or strut herself in a sexy samba routine. I highly doubt she'll become a serious threat in the dance competition. Hopefully she'll tone down some of her trademark raunchy behavior and hold back from giving the judges a "wha-wha" when she is being criticized.

We can certainly count on Kim to wear some revealing costumes for her performances.

Everyone remembers the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards where she wore a glittery purple jumpsuit which left one of her breasts in the cold.
This the same chick who said in a song [and I'm quoting her], "The moral of the story is this / You aint lickin' this, you aint stickin' this / And I got witnesses, ask any n---a I been with/ They aint hit shit till they stuck they tongue in this." ["Not Tonight" from her debut album Hardcore]

Let's hope Kim, who spent a year in prison for perjury [2005/2006], keeps it clean for the family-based audience. Last year the show drew about 19 million viewers per show! The upcoming season is slated to start next month.

Former Giants linebacker and Super Bowl champion, Lawrence Taylor could surprise some people on the ABC show. Football players in the past have done really well on the ballroom floor. Emmitt Smith won season three and Jerry Rice, of season two, Jason Taylor, of season six, and Warren Sapp, of season seven, all came in second place.

I think L.T. will go further in the competition than the Grammy Award-winning rapstress. Kim will probably last about three or four weeks before she is axed. L.T. will probably stick around until the competition reaches the top five. He may actually win because the cast of this year's show doesn't seem to be too threatening.

Other contestants include:

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson (i think she'll do really well)

Actor David Alan Grier (this should be funny)

Rodeo athlete Ty Murray and his singer wife Jewel

Country star Chuck Wicks

Former Apple executive Steve Wozniak

Actress Denise Richards

1980s pop singer Belinda Carlisle

"Sex and the City" actor Gilles Marini

Celebrity reporter Nancy O'Dell

Movie and TV prankster Steve-O [from Jackass]

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Latiya A said...

This season should be interesting.. if not just as funny as I Love Money 2.... I'll be watching to get a good laugh