Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Blog: Pregnant performance has everyone talking!

9:00 p.m.

The second hour kicked off with an emotional performance from Grammy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson. "You pulled me through," Hudson sang.

She closed out her ballad fanning her face trying to hold the tears. The crowd gave her a standing ovation for her brave performance despite losing her mother, brother and nephew in a tragic shooting last year.

In an unlikely combination, the Jonas Brothers performed with Stevie Wonder. They performed "Supersition," one of my favorite Stevie songs, but I could have done without the Jonas Brothers. They are from North Jersey, but I'm not a fan. Sorry!!

Kanye West and Estelle also performed her hit, "American Boy." It was a pretty uneventful performance. Kanye's hair, which was a Afro-mullet mix -- I'll call it a frollet -- is all anyone will remember from the performance. He had the same sloppy hairstyle at the inaugural ball last month. I doubt anyone will be trying to copying that hairstyle and if they do, shame on them. (Above pic from LA Times)

After their performance, West and Estelle presented Adele with the award for best new artist.
I was pretty shocked at this announcement. I thought the Jonas Brothers had it in the bag. I couldn't tell you who Adele is or what she sings, but she's from London. She beat out the Jonas Brothers, Duffy and Jazmine Sullivan, who I would have preferred to see walk away with the award.

M.I.A., who is 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any minute, performed "Swagga Like Us" with Jay-Z, T.I., Lil' Wayne and Kanye West. I couldn't believe M.I.A., who had a polka dot patchcovering her HUGE stomach.

She was actually due to give birth today. I personally think she could have sat this one out. I guess she couldn't miss an opportunity to perform on the biggest night in music.

She really didn't bring much to the performance by the official "rap pack" and in fact, she probably took away from what could have been a really good performance by the biggest stars in rap. It was hilarious watching her skip around the stage. Beside from the big belly, you couldn't tell she was about to drop a load. Oh well...another Grammy moment that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Facebook is already buzzing about the pregnant is what some of my friends think:

Smith Tyree is giving MIA the gangsta of the year award.

Tony Wint is Dying at kanye's mullit that is the funniest thing in 09 so far...


Kay Alston is wondering why MIA looked like baby bop!

Dallas Lipford is asking out of the 4 rappers that peformed on the Grammys which was taller than the pregnant chick???

Kiara Pesante is sooo glad they got all four of them to perform together! And wants M.I.A. to go to the hospital and drop that load IMMEDIATELY! lol.

Kevin Wade 'QZ' HoV is the Man. But the Preggo Chick gotta Go wit the Poke a Dot...hahah WTF... Almost tossed the TV on that One. She should be Arrested..

Chavezz Anderson is this Bit%^%^ got on Pregnancy Clubwear!!!

Stephanie Price thinks M.I.A. has lost her mind with that outfit on the Grammys..

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Lauren said...

Adele deserved the award hands down. The album rocks.

MIA.... I was prepared for her to walk on stage preggers, just not with the polka dots!

Kanye... Hot Ass Mess!