Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Blog: Awards show off to a ROCKY start...

What's good loyal readers,

I'll be blogging throughout tonight's Grammy Awards...

8:00 p.m.

The award show is already off to a rocky start with the news that Chris Brown and Rihanna won't be there, but I'm sure the show will recover.

In place of the dating duo, the Grammy's gave us Justin Timberlake, Al Green and Boyz II Men. Ugh...nice try Grammy's. No, really nice try for a last minute replacement.

Of course, I have to comment on Whitney Houston, who presented the first award of the broadcast on CBS.
She looked great!! However, she didn't sound too great....her speech was a little "questionable." Hmmmmm....that's all I'm going to say about Whitney for now.

Whitney went on to present the award for best R&B album to a very emotional Jennifer Hudson.
Hudson, who did a great job of holding back tears, thanked her family who is here on earth and in heaven above. Nice job J-Hud!!

In other notable moments from the first hour, Jay-Z performed with Coldplay lead singer, Chris Martin.
Jay-Z is still in apparent need of a haircut. He was sporting the same look at the inaugural ball. I guess it's the winter and Jay is keeping his hair longer than usual.

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Latiya A said...

Idk what's going on with these rappers haircuts or lack there of... I thought the Grammy's were pretty boring... the performances were okay... idk who the white man and woman was who scooped up those Grammy's was disappointed Jazze didn't bring home a Grammy but oh well... will continue to listen to her album....