Thursday, December 18, 2008

Knicks top Nets; Fat Joe courtside

Al Harrington had a lot to smile about as the Knicks topped the Nets last week / Photo: M. Feenz
I attended another Nets game last week and this time they were playing their rivals from across the Hudson River, the New York Knicks.

I went to the game with a good friend of mine who is a diehard Knicks fan. In fact, to this day he still boasts and celebrates the "John Starks dunk on Michael Jordan." [real sports fans know that was not quite the case]

I would talk about the game, but it's more than a week old now and no one really cares. In a nutshell, the Nets jumped out to the early lead in the first half, but the resilient Knicks roared back in the second half. The Knicks went on to top the Nets 121-109 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford on Dec. 10. And I must admit, I was pretty surprised because the Knicks are really a troubled team with a lot of problems. I had my money on the Nets, but good thing I'm not a betting man.
Devin Harris and Vince Carter couldn't stop Harrington who had 39 points / Photo: M. Feenz

Al Harrington lead the way for the Knicks with 39 points -- a pretty good homecoming for the native of Orange, N.J. Ten years ago he was drafted right out of St. Patrick High School in Elizabeth, N.J. by the Indiana Pacers.

The last time I went attended a Nets game they were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in front of a star-studed crowded, which included Jay-Z.

Well, there was no Jay-Z sitting courtside this time around.

Instead we had to settle for Bronx rapper Fat Joe, who I just happened to spot while taking pictures of the game. After all, he's a big guy and not too hard to miss.

When he wasn't on the phone, Fat Joe was clapping for his team and stayed around until the very end. I'm not sure who he was sitting with. But it wasn't anyone worth mentioning.

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