Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost Home for the Holidays

Finishing breakfast on Christmas morning with my mom and brother.

I spent Christmas in a house, not my house, but my new temporary home away from home.

As most know, my house caught on fire about a month ago [Nov. 26, to be exact -- the day before Thanksgiving].

My mom, brother and I had been staying at hotels since the fire, but thanks to insurance we were able to move into a temporary house a week before Christmas.

The house was fully furnished and even exceeded the expectations of my mother who texted me as the furniture was being brought in and assembled. She was so thrilled and even boasted about the bed sheets, bath towels, dishes and paintings that was also provided.

Because we had been staying in hotels and dealing with going through damaged belongings at our house we really didn't take the time to realize Christmas we approaching.

We didn't have a traditional Christmas tree. I bought my mom some nutcrackers, which she collects, a Santa figurine that moved and lights up and the Isley Brothers Christmas album [ughh -- nothing to brag about].

It wasn't until Christmas Eve when she picked up a couple of small Christmas trees that she placed on the coffee table. Not to mention, she got some stockings and 'Santa hats' for my brother and I. She even decocrated the area with Christmas lights and garland.

Our new temporary home was finally starting to look like Christmas, sort of.

We watched 'This Christmas' with Chris Brown -- which was actually a pretty good movie.

On Christmas day, the presents were under the two mini Christmas trees and we opened them up as we played Musiq Soulchild's Christmas album -- this was also pretty good. We would traditionally listen to the Jackson 5 Christmas album, but that was likely thrown away along with the other damaged items in our home.

Christmas this year was a little different, but the greatest gift is having a family wrapped with lots of love. My family gathered in Bronx and we did the usual family thing.

The theme this year seemed to be Barack Obama as my 93-year-old grandmother procclaimed this was a 'Barack Christmas.' Everyone was getting Barack books, t-shirts, posters, figurines, you name it!! It was Obama overload, seriously!

Nonetheless, Christmas away from home was cool. It sure beat staying at a hotel. But I quickly realized no one would be making up my bed. Oh well....

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