Sunday, November 2, 2008

Concert Review: Miss Jackson, if you're nasty!

Janet Jackson said it herself, "let's wait awhile."

A fitting song title for her latest tour.

"Miss Jackson, if you're nasty" postponed or canceled several concert dates during her first tour in seven years because she suffered from migraines that could cause dizziness.

Among the postponed shows included the Madison Square Garden performance, originally slated for Oct. 16, but it was rescheduled for last night [Saturday, Nov. 1].

I attended the show with these expectations: Janet would put on a good show, but she'd be lip-synching the entire time. And my expectations were indeed accurate!

I really doubt Janet actually sang live AT ALL last night, but with all the dancing she does I wouldn't expect her to try to sing. However, she could have attempted to at least sing the slow jams (Let's Wait Awhile, Funny How Time Flies, Again, etc.) without the pre-recorded track playing!

Okay, I'll leave Janet alone. We all know she's known for being a performer anyway and she did just that!! She's 42 and she performed her ass off! Go Janet! Let's see if you can do it like Madonna at 50!

Janet took fans on a ride in a musical time machine. She shouted out "1982" and said she was only 16 before performing "Young Love" from her self-titled debut album [released in 1982]. She even hit fans with "Don't Stand Another Chance" from her second album Dream Street. It was a quick medley, but one that was much appreciated by her TRUE fans who sang right along with the tracks.

Janet performed nearly every hit she ever had. You name it, she probably did it. She probably got the best reaction on a song that I really don't like. Nearly the whole crowd jumped up and down as Janet sang the light-hearted "Together Again." I don't know why, but I never really liked that song. It's just not one of my favorites from her. Maybe it's just too happy?

I rode with Janet back in her days of "Control" and "Rhythm Nation." As a matter of fact, when I was a kid I went to the Rhythm Nation tour. Maybe that's why I favored that portion of the show. (Note: The Rhythm Nation album included hits like "Black Cat," "Escapade," "Rhythm Nation" and "Alright.")

She even did her famous chair routine on "Miss You Much."

Of course, the concert wouldn't be complete without Miss Jackson gettin' "nasty" by picking a man from the crowd and fulfilling his fantasies during the Discipline set. The lucky audience member was strapped in a harness and sexually teased and grinded on by Janet.

If she waits another seven years to do her next tour, I'm not sure how many people will still want to be grinded on by Miss Jackson. Just my opinion.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. Not sure if it was a sell-out, but it was pretty packed. Was it worth the wait? I guess so. Who knows it could very well be her last big tour. I'm glad I got to see her while she can still keep up with the dancers.

Nonetheless, Janet will always be one of the greatest to ever to do it. And remember, her first name ain't baby, it's Janet, Miss Jackson, if you're nasty!

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