Monday, October 20, 2008

DSU Homecoming 2008 - Football Game: Hornets slam Aggies, 42-7

Saturday's homecoming football game against the Aggies of North Carolina A&T was like background music in a good movie.

The game was going on, but you weren't really paying that much attention to it. After all, the game was highly uncontested.

Despite the lopsided victory for the Delaware State University Hornets, the DSU Die Hards -- the cheering section of studnets -- continued to make their voices heard. At one point, the game was so out of reach that the Die Hards began chanting, "Barack Obama" and "Who is McCain?"

DSU Die Hards

Like many HBCU homecomings [aside from the game], it's all about the band performance at halftime, the fish fry and saying hello to friends who may not have seen since last year.

The band: Approaching Storm? Or Approaching Swarm?

The Royal Court led by Miss and Mr. DSU

Shannon, Sterling, Eric, M. Feenz