Sunday, October 19, 2008

DSU Homecoming 2008 - Young Alum Party lives up to the hype

'The Young Alumni Party' was clearly the event everyone was talking about heading into DSU Homecoming and it didn't disappoint.

The party, catered to 'younger alums' of DSU, was the talk of last year's homecoming festivities and the word was out for this year: DON'T MISS THE YOUNG ALUM PARTY!

Sadiqa, Damon and Shannon

Like last year, the party was held at the Duncan Center in 'historic downtown Dover.'

Everyone was there. The folks you remember walking in the school fashion shows, the SGA members who promised you a 'better campus,' the fraternity/sorority members who entertained you at a step show, the people who wrote 20 Questions for The Hornet newspaper and even the guy who sold you bootleg CDs on campus.

SGA President 02-03 Clint Saunders and his sister/former Hornet newspaper writer Angel Saunders

It was a 'grown and sexy' affair -- that means no sneakers or baggy jeans. Some people I know found out the hard way that their attire was not acceptable and they were turned away. At least they got to save $40, which was the at-the-door price. [Note: I told you guys to buy your tickets in advance for $25! Didn't listen.]

Overall, the party was more of a mix and mingle with a lot of picture taking, but don't get it twisted there was plenty of dancing. For those who remember Del State gym parties [or for the older heads, MLK Auditorium parties] there was no stench of throw up and no security pushing through to get to a fight between city rivals.

Perhaps next year the party could be held in a different venue. Maybe even on campus inside the new student center? Or maybe not, it's not scheduled to open until winter 2009.

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