Monday, October 20, 2008

DSU Homecoming 2008 - "The Obama Effect"

Driving through Delaware I couldn't help but notice the Sen. Joe Biden signs along Route 1.

Then once I arrived on campus, I immediately saw several students showing their support wearing Barack Obama pins and t-shirts.
We are almost two weeks away from the biggest election of our time. It was clear Delaware State University was Obama-Biden territory.

Nearly every vendor outside the football stadium was selling Barack Obama paraphernalia on Saturday. I said to myself, "Man, everyone is trying to make a buck off Barack." Or maybe they were just trying to show support for the man who could very well become the first African-American president of our country.

This homecoming was the first year I sat in IHOP and talked politics with my friends. We talked about the issues, debates, the funny SNL skits and the commercials.

The step show winning Alphas even had a portion of their performance that included a skit with a likeness of Barack Obama.

The DSU Die Hards chanted "Barack Obama" and "Who is McCain?" during the football game.

HBCUs across the country played an important role during the Civil Rights movement. And it's good to see HBCUs playing a role in this year's election.

Not every college campus is thrilled with Obama's presidential possibility. Just last month, four students in Oregon confessed to hanging a likeness of Obama from a tree. [To read that story: click here.]

Although it was quite evident the Obama effect was in full swing at Del State, make sure you do your part and vote.

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