Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DSU Homecoming 2008 -- The Delta Party: Who spilled the 'drank' on the speakers?!?

No shootings. No fights. No drama. Just a busted speaker.

Homecoming was moving right along and I just knew it was going to end with a bang. Especially since the devastating divas of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. were hosting the party.

However, homecoming ended with a very costly SPILL.

Apparently someone knocked their Henny and Coke all over one of the speakers and in an instant the music became muted. ["No music...clap, clap, clap, clap"]

And without much hesitation the crowd began to leave despite having about an hour left to party. Of course, I didn't go anywhere.
I can't recall how long the music was out because I just continued to take pics. But it eventually came back on with some time to spare. The DJ said we'd party until 4 a.m., but he was lying. Come on, we were in Dover, where the parties end at 2 a.m. and IHOP is the unofficial after party. [lol]

The bright spot was when the DJ announced free Long Island Ice Teas at the bar. I never seen folks move so fast!!

The party was in celebration of 50 years of the Epilson Alpha chapter of DST. Congrats! (Note: The Gamma Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is celebrating 60 years! A-PHII!)

Overall, I had fun at the party and enjoyed seeing more old friends. It wasn't as packed as the night before, but the reason for that was likely because many people had just paid $40 for the Young Alum party.

Hopefully we all learned an important lesson at the conclusion of Homecoming 2008: keep your 'drank' off the speakers.

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Chris said...

the Homecoming Chronicles are hilarious, wish I could've been around for more of it. It's been good to live it all through these posts, though!