Monday, October 6, 2008

Concert Review: Common pops, locks and breakdances

Common's performance on Saturday at the Roseland Ballroom far exceeded my expectations.
He performed a myriad of hits, shared the stage with Pharrell Williams and Cee-Lo and even did some breakdancing.

If you would have told me Common was going to breakdance, I would have said YOU'RE CRAZY!
It's also worth mentioning that the same crowd that was jumping around to N.E.R.D. stuck around for Common. They knew his songs, both new and old, and sang along and jumped with him.

Common hyped up the crowd with "Go!" and took us down memory lane with "The Light," a track that proved to be a commercial breakthrough for the "conscious rapper" in 2000.

He also performed popular hits "Come Close," "The Corner," "Testify" and "Drivin' Me Wild."

He even danced around the stage to some classic house music ["Hot Music"]. Common was indeed pulling out all the stops for his show and it was well-received by the crowd. Diddy stuck around for the beginning of Common's set, but left mid-way through. Probably to get some TLC from Cassie.

At the end of the night Common, who has a reputation as the conscious rapper because of his lyrical content, struck me more as an all-around entertainer and performer than anything else. Great show from a great rapper who has been in the game for quite some time.

It's a shame it's taken this long [more than 15 years and 7 albums] for people to really get familiar with him. He has an eighth album -- Universal Mind Control -- scheduled to drop later this year. Make it your business to cop that!

Common put on quite the show. Go see him live, if you can.

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