Sunday, October 5, 2008

25th birthday: Robin Thicke Album Release Party

Okay, truth be told I DID NOT "quietly" turn 25.

I closed out my 25th birthday at a Robin Thicke album release party in New York City.

A little background:
Last year I attempted to gather my friends at a club in the city, but due to some technical difficulties, which included the club promoters switching the venue on the day of the party, things didn't go as planned. In fact, some of my friends still refer to last year's birthday party as "the set up."

Therefore, I was really pretty discouraged from trying to organize another "big birthday bash" at a city club.

This time around a friend of mine sent me a message about an album release party she was promoting and it happened to fall on my birthday. The event was free and all you had to do was RSVP. So I decided at the last minute to tell some of my friends and hoped they could make it out for an after work event with R&B singer Robin Thicke. (yeah, he's the son of Alan Thicke from Growning Pains.)

Although Robin Thicke didn't perform, the party was tons of fun and I was glad my friends could make it out to celebrate with me. A big thank you to those who partied with me on a Monday night, despite many having to go to work the next day. I took offf work on Tuesday so getting up the next day was the last thing on my mind.

Robin Thicke at 49 Grove Lounge; that's not his wife!

And usually when Robin Thicke is mentioned, the next question is, "Where was his wife?"

Well, she wasn't there! For those who don't know he's married to beautiful actress Paula Patton. (You know her from her roles in Hitch, Idlewild and Deja Vu)

Other celeb sightings at the club included Malik Yoba of New York Undercover fame. My cousin went for a picture with the C-list celebrity and she got the "give me one minute" finger.

She decided to give him all the minutes he needed and didn't bother him anymore. Malik who?

Overall, the 25th was great. Thanks to all those who helped make it special and very memorable.

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