Sunday, October 5, 2008

25th birthday: My sister, niece and nephew

My brother Anthony, sister Maria, nephew Dallas, niece Bella and me (M. Feenz).

If some of you were surprised by the fact that I have a twin brother, then you'll really be surprised to know that I also have a sister. And I'm also an uncle to 2-year-old Bella and 4-month-old Dallas.

Some of you who know me pretty well are probably scratching your heads and saying, "When did this happen? I never knew you had a sister."

Well, turns out that I didn't know I had a sister either until March 2006. Without going into too much detail my sister -- Maria Feeney -- found me on MySpace. You know the Web site that is known for "social networking" was actually responsible for something that changed my life. The rest of that story will be told in a future book or perhaps movie. TBA.

::Back to our regularly scheduled blog::

The day is Monday, Sept. 29 -- the 25th birthday of the twins [my brother and I].

Once again, I wanted to "quietly" turn 25 and I really didn't have much planned. I was just happy that I took off from work and I didn't have to run to the scene of a bank robbery, house fire or investigate whether man was attacked or just fell trying to grab a few pears. (click the link to read the story)

I decided it would be good idea to spend this milestone birthday with my brother, sister, niece and nephew. So we went to lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe in Paramus, N.J.

The best part of the lunch came toward the end when our waiter surprised my brother and I with cake and ice cream that was lit by a single candle. We let our niece do the honors of blowing out the candles because she may have been more excited than we were about the birthday cake.

I was still surprised because my sister clearly had her hands full with her two little ones. So when could she have had time to tell the waiter it was our birthday?

I asked my sister, "When did you tell him it was our birthday?"

She said, "When I went to the bathroom."

She had originally told me she was going to the bathroom to change Dallas. I guess she lied.

The birthday continues...

The Grand Lux Cafe Birthday Cake

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Tom Franklin said...

sweet family story. your sister is lucky have discovered that her new found brother is a really good guy. happy birthday. keep at the new blog. see at the shop.