Thursday, October 2, 2008

25th birthday: Family first

Turning 25-years-old is supposed to be a big deal, right?

It's kind of like turning 10? Or 18? 21?

Well, I had initially planned to turn 25 "quietly," which generated some chuckles from a few of my friends.

One friend said, "Fool, you know you don't do anything quietly?"

I laughed because it was true.

Nonetheless, the only thing I really planned was a family gathering on Sunday, Sept. 28 -- the day before my birthday. We had a late dinner at my uncle's house in the Bronx to celebrate my brother and I turning 25.

That's right folks, I have a twin brother [Anthony]. I don't know why people always think I'm lying when I tell them I have a twin. Do I joke around that much!?

And for those who don't know my family, they celebrate just about everything whether it's a milestone birthday or not. So turning 25 didn't feel much different from that perspective. It was yet another family gathering, but indeed one that was much appreciated.

We sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake even though 9-29 hadn't quite arrived yet.

But when the clock struck midnight it was my 93-year-old grandmother who belted out the first "Happy birthday!"

We were off to a great start to celebrating 25.

More to come...

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