Monday, July 27, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at 22

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, died on Sunday, according to her family. She was 22.

Bobbi Kris, as she was affectionately known, was unable to make the miraculous recovery that her family hoped and prayed for after being found unresponsive in her bathtub on Jan. 31.

The tragic ending comes more than three years after her mother was found dead in a hotel bathtub the night before the Grammy Awards. Houston, who was often called 'The Voice' for her amazing vocal talent, was 48.

Bobbi Kris, who wanted to follow in her mother's singing footsteps, was never able to launch a career.

But during Houston's music comeback in 2009, Bobbi Kris joined her mother on stage at a Good Morning America concert in Central Park to briefly sing a few words from the 1999 hit "My Love Is Your Love." (see video below and check out all the footage from that day here.)

"Clap your hands," Bobbi Kris softly sang in her raspy voice.

Houston wasted no time backing her up daughter.

"See, I got my baby. Me and Bobby's baby," she sang.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nick Young and Iggy Azalea engaged on baller's 30th birthday

Now that's fancy!

Nick Young celebrated his 30th birthday by popping the big question to his girlfriend Iggy Azalea on Monday night.

And of course, she said, "Yes."

"Would you marry me," shouted the Los Angeles Lakers guard, who was on one knee and holding an unusually large ring box in a video posted to Twitter by Karen Civil.

The "Fancy" rapper wasted no time saying 'yes' to the baller, who is also known as Swaggy P.

The couple has been dating since November 2013.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, he revealed he had a big surprise for I-g-g-y for her 25th birthday on June 7.

"It's going to be a big surprise," he told PEOPLE on Saturday. "I can't tell you anything. You'll see next week. We're doing everything."

It's not clear where the proposal happened, but they appeared to be celebrating Swaggy P's birthday at what looked like a carnival, according to photos and videos on his Instagram.

A video posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on
A photo posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rihanna makes surprise appearance at gay club Escuelita in NYC

Credit: Instagram - MisterlouieG
Rihanna grabbed her umbrella and showed up at a popular New York City gay nightclub early Monday morning to the surprise of many fans.

And sporting her fire-engine red hair, she wasn't hard to miss once she took a seat inside Escuelita nightclub on W. 39th St. around 2 a.m.

Soon, word of the Rihanna sighting began to spread on social media.

Credit: Instagram - EventBrice

"RIHANNA IS IN ESCOS RIGHT NOW NYC MAKE YALL WAY HERE RIGHT NOW," read a post by Instagram user EventBrice, a promoter for the club.

Shortly after, he backed up his claim with two Instagram photos of the "Umbrella" singer, who didn't let the heavy rain keep her from hanging out in the club.

Credit: Instagram - EventBrice

A pair of Rihanna Navy members were so excited that they wrote on Twitter that they were coming from Connecticut just to catch a glimpse of the singer.

Credit: Twitter

Escuelita, also commonly referred to as "Escos," was hosting what was advertised as a "birthday ball" for Jack Mizrahi.

It wasn't Rihanna's first time at a New York City ball. In November, she walked the runway at a Miyake-Mugler ball.

Instagram user misterlouieg posted a video of Rihanna enjoying herself while her song, "Bitch Better Have My Money" played in the club.
A video posted by Mr . Louie G (@misterlouieg) on
He also posted two additional photos, including one with Jack Mizrahi hugging Rihanna as she stuck out her tongue.

I'm sure this birthday surprise was just icing on the cake, cake, cake, cake.

Credit: Instagram - misterlouieg

Monday, April 13, 2015

Madonna plants juicy kiss on Drake at Coachella

It was the kiss heard 'round the world.

Madonna planted a juicy kiss on Drake at Sunday night's Coachella Music and Arts Festival, shocking thousands concertgoers in the Southern California desert and everyone else who watched the YouTube livestream.


Some were beyond stunned. They were downright disgusted.

"I literally screamed when Madonna kissed drake EWWW," wrote Twitter user Vivissss_.

Another user, jayekman, tweeted, "at least when madonna and britney kissed, it was hot...that was just gross." 

Drake's set of hit songs was briefly paused when the 56-year-old pop legend came on the stage to perform "Human Nature" and "Hung Up."

But Madonna, known for delivering jaw-dropping moments, didn't stop there.

She walked over to Drake, who was sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage, and tilted his head back, leaned over and laid a seven-second tongue kiss on the Canadian rapper.

Drake appeared just as surprised as the fans and immediately wiped his mouth.

"Madonna kissed Drake and Drake is making faces like he stuck his tongue on a 9-volt battery. The memes will be legendary," tweeted user rustymk2.

Madonna celebrated by raising her hand and proclaiming, "I'm Madonna," before walking off the stage.

Drake laughed off the spit-swapping incident saying, "Oh shit. What the fuck just happened?"

One guess is that the "Material Girl" singer was making a fantasy become a reality.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Madonna said, "The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake—and only kiss him."

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Teyana Taylor's steamy new video starring Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks

Harlem's darling Teyana Taylor has thing for professional athletes.

The 23-year-old singer is locking lips with Philadelpha Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks in her new video "Maybe," which was released Friday.

Kendricks famously made headlines when Rihanna revealed on Instagram that he was her "Man Crush Monday" earlier this year.

Taylor is no stranger to pro athletes. She was engaged to Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings.

It's unclear if Taylor and Kendricks have continued their romance outside of the video, but you can bet Rihanna is watching.

This is the first single off Taylor's album, VII, which is slated for an Oct. 21 release.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights back sharing photos of his multi-million dollar checks

Floyd Mayweather Jr. can read checks!

He responded to 50 Cent's shocking reading challenge by posting a photo of two checks for his latest fights on his social media accounts on early Saturday morning.

"Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless," Mayweather wrote along with the images of two checks for his fights against Marcos Maidana in May and Saul Alvarez last year.

The posting proves "Money" Mayweather can do simple math and add his multi-million dollar checks, but he doesn't address Fifty's challenge to read a page of a Harry Potter book (Fif later said he could read a page of "The Cat in the Hat").

In exchange for successfully reading the page without messing up, Fif promised to donate $750,000 to a charity of his choice.

As expected, Mayweather isn't addressing the challenge, or the audio recording of him struggling to read a short drop for radio station Power 105.1, which was played by Charlamagne on Friday morning.

Fifty has been throwing jabs at Mayweather following an interview where he talked about hip-hop artists not being relevant. Although Mayweather never mentioned 50 Cent by name, it was enough to get the "I Get Money" rapper fired up.

Now, we wait for a response from Fifty, who hasn't hesitated to use his Instagram to hit Mayweather below the belt.

I'm sure this is far from over.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian: "Most beautiful woman of all-time"

If you aren't already tired of Kanye West, well, maybe this interview will help you over the edge.

Mr. West - along with girlfriend Kim Kardashian - joined Hot 97 radio host Angie Martinez for an interview on Monday.

The interview was, of course, was all over the place. [not the fault of Angie, but you already know Kanye can ramble]

He professed his love for the mother of his child, and even declared her "the most beautiful woman of all-time...of human existence. I don't give a [expletive] what type of jacket she got on."

He further insisted that the famous Kardashian - who is famous for all of the wrong reasons - should get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"The most relevant thing to ever happen to the Walk of Fame is her wanting a star on the Walk of Fame. And then me bringing it up," West said to laughs from Martinez.

"Kermit the Frog got a star," West added.

The "Through the Wire" rapper even tried to provide some insight into his own antics and rants.

"You don't have to be scared of me because I am loyal," West said.

"Why are people so scared of creative ideas and so scared of truth? All I want to do is do good. Have I ever actually done bad? Have I ever talked down on someone?...All I want to do is influence and do good."

As for the future, West says he may have two kids and he will definitely be married.

He also said he would like to compare himself to, wait for it, Willy Wonka.

"And welcome to my chocolate factory," West said.

To watch this interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, see the clips below:

Kanye announces deal with Adidas; says he's going to be bigger than Walmart

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kanye West tour kicks off in Seattle and brings out "Jesus"; Fans say it was the "worst" and the "best"

 Credit: Twitter

Kanye West may be too busy being into himself that he forgot how to put on a good concert. And a special guest appearance by "Jesus" didn't help much.

At least that's what some concertgoers are saying following his Saturday night performance in at the Key Arena in Seattle, where some fans called the show "weird" and the "worst."

Some are even going as far to say that Mr. West was upstaged by opening act Kendrick Lamar.

The show was the first stop on the "Yeezus" tour, and it was highly anticipated by fans, including one who texted during the show.

"This concert SUCKS," wrote the West fan who texted

Oh, and there was more.

"Worst concert I have ever been to. People are sleeping and leaving," she continued in another text.

The tour kicked off just as West was getting used to fatherhood.

Kim Kardashian, West's girlfriend, gave birth to their daughter, North West, in June, and maybe he's changed too many diapers and just forgot to prepare for the show?

Part of the problem could have been that his set started two hours late, according to fans.

 Credit: Twitter

"Damn you Kanye for starting your concert 2 freaking hours late. I just want to go to sleep and you're annoying now. lol ugh," wrote Twitter user @NAChristensen.

Another Twitter user also bashed the rapper.

"@ the @kanyewest concert! So terrible! Yeezus really thinks he's a God! Biggest waste of money!" wrote @SeanLock75.


Sounds like he could have used Jesus to make a guest appearance during "Jesus Walks." Oh, wait, a man playing "Jesus" did come out!

Credit: Twitter

According to Twitter user @ComplexMusic, Kim Kardashian's baby daddy had some others highlights from the show, which ended well after 1 a.m. in Seattle.

He told the restless crowd, "You are the future. Don't let them enslave you," during his "Blood on the Leaves" outro.

He also stood in the middle of the stage screaming during "black skinhead" and he mentioned his mother.
Credit: Twitter

"They told me that my mother was no longer here and I could never speak to her again," West told the crowd before performing "Coldest Winter," according to @ComplexMusic.

The Twitter user also called one portion of the show "thematic."

"Kanye performing "Hold My Liquor" after "Coldest Winter" feels almost thematic. They go hand in hand," @ComplexMusic tweeted.

The Twitter user said there were clear crowd favorites like performances of "Mercy," "Cold" and "On Sight," while "I Am A God" didn't get such a good response.

And I'm not surprised.

After all, the West raps, "I am a God. Hurry up with my damn massage. Hurry up with my damn menage. Get the Porsche out the damn garage. I am a God."

Yeah, I'm not sure many people want to hear that at a concert.  I'm just saying.

Not everyone bashed the first show of his tour, which may not have been for everyone.

"If you're a TRUE @kanyewest fan you'd definitely understand his concert tonight," tweeted @GabbyBkillinEm.

Others are Twitter called the concert "badass," "legendary" and one concertgoer called him "weird" and "creepy." (West did wear a mask that looked like he was going to rob a bank!)

Another Twitter user said the concert just gave him a headache, while someone else tweeted it was the "best concert I've ever been to."

While the reaction to Mr. West is mixed, everyone seems to be on the same page regarding the opening act.

Kendrick Lamar opened the show, and may have been the best performer of the night.

According to reports, the entire crowd sang along to "Don't Kill My Vibe" and even chanted Lamar's name after he left the stage. Wow!

Did this rising hip-hop star upstage Mr. West?

That would seem to be the case, if what I'm hearing is accurate.

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Drake show postponed for safety concerns sparked by faulty catwalk, concertgoer says

Drake may not have made any new friends when his concert in Philadelphia was postponed before the rap star even hit the stage, but it may have been scrapped for a very good safety reason, has learned.

"I was there. He had a catwalk extended from the stage that circled the arena that could move vertically. When they did the final test at 8 p.m., the motor broke and [the catwalk] got stuck at the top with two techs on it," said Kevin Guyton, a concertgoer who was backstage at the Wells Fargo Center, told
The faulty catwalk at the Wells Fargo Center. Credit: Kevin Guyton

"They cleared the floor and the tour manager canceled the show stating it was too dangerous for Drake to be on it and people to sit under it. That's what was said backstage," Guyton told

The Saturday night show, which was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., was postponed at 8:30 p.m. and fans who were already in their seats were not pleased, the concertgoer added.

Guyton described the scene as "a lot of booing and jeering, nothing serious, [people] was mad though."

Guyton said most fans did not know all of the details that he heard backstage, and were very puzzled by the abrupt nature of the postponement.

"They just said [to the fans that] the show had to be postponed very abrupt, very quickly," he said. "I thought Drake could have at least come out and explained the situation. Most people just thought he was being a diva. I figured it was the stage. It was one of the dopest and most complicated I had ever seen."

Because of the lack of information given to the fans about the postponemnet, many began to speculate on other reasons for the cancellation.

One rumor was that the "No New Friends" rapper was too high and drunk to perform.

But a Wells Fargo Center spokeswoman had a different story, which matches what Guyton heard backstage.

"Due to the elaborate nature of tonight's show and an unexpected technical issue, Drake's 'Would You Like A Tour' concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia has been postponed until Wednesday, December 18," spokeswoman Rebecca Goodman told She did not mention any specific details.

The new date further disappointed some fans.

Twitter user JadeXRochelle posted this photo on Twitter on Saturday night with the caption: "highly upset." Credit: Twitter

"Drake postponed his concert December 18th and since it's on a Wednesday I can't go," wrote Twitter user JadeXRochelle. "I really do feel some type of way."

She even went as far to say the postponement upset not just Philly, but people who came from other cities.

"The whole tri-state area is mad at @Drake," said the Twitter user, who added that postponing the show was "not f--king cool."

Like many, she also heard conflicting rumors on why the show was canned so suddenly.

"The [Wells Fargo Center] employee told us to leave our section and said his bus was late and then people started yelling saying it was canceled idk," she wrote.

Drake has been riding high following the early success of his latest album.

His third studio album, "Nothing Was the Same," was released last month and it debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. Its first week sales - 658,000 copies - remains one of the best totals of the year and the album is quickly approaching platinum status.

So Philly, just hold on, Drake will be back next month.